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"Creating characters you can relate to and universes you want to escape into."

That the mantra of the bi-coastal pair, 
STEPH CANNON and MATT KNOWLES (hailing from CALIFORNIA and FLORIDA respectively), that are the creative minds behind INSYMMETRY CREATIONS LLC. They've made over 130 public appearances (individually or as a pair) on behalf of their brands and IPs, and they create content across a number of different mediums. 

So WHAT IS IT that we actually create?

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Our 'bread and butter' is our originally created graphic novel / comic content, including:
The apocalyptic sci-fi steampunk HEIRS OF ISILDUR

* The upcoming Far-East fantasy horror I AM QIDO
* The medieval fantasy TALES FROM NOCTURNIA
* Our all-ages, shenanigan filled MISFITZ CLUBHOUSE (on Scout Comics / Scoot Imprint)

* Our self produced short comics (
Hard To Fathom, Boot Hill, Relic, Hexed, etc...), our anthology pieces that are found in the CTHULHU INVADES and HOLIDAY SPIRITS series (Orange Cone) and more (HOUSEBOUND, IF, CORPUS), and even prose (Room For More) in Creepy Kingdom's TALES FROM THE PARKSIDE Anthology.

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HEIRS OF ISILDUR is where steampunk, comics, and METAL collide. We have TWO metal albums (The Crossroads Conundrum & Heirs of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia) that help expand our story universes. 

We've also recently released a lyric video for I AM QIDO'S theme song: SPIRAL INTO MADNESS.

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THAT'S RIGHT! #TeamINSYM's Matt Knowles is making a name for himself as an on-stage personality - from being a full weekend host /emcee, to moderating / guesting on panels, to hosting cosplay contests! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL LIST

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#TeamINSYM's STEPH CANNON is a columnist for many sites that focus on the horror genre (FANGORIA, CREEPY KINGDOM, HORROR GEEK LIFE, HORROR BUZZ and DAILY DEAD), with over 90 bylines to her credit. Her articles are primarily movie reviews, with some retrospectives on popular movie franchises as well. 


We're also known for our wild and unique KICKSTARTER campaigns which normally encompass more than a single focus item. We've been a part of FOURTEEN successful campaigns, raising over $97,000 USD cumulatively (12 of our own + 2 we were project managers on for others)These projects have included comics, trade paperbacks, metal music, as well as IP Driven leatherwork, woodwork, shirts and more.

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