The bi-coastal pair of STEPH CANNON and MATT KNOWLES (hailing from CALIFORNIA and FLORIDA respectively) are the creative minds behind INSYMMETRY CREATIONS LLC, home of the steampunk time travel HEIRS OF ISILDUR, the medieval fantasy TALES FROM NOCTURNIA, metal music, anthology stories, and more!  

As a musician, writer, and steampunk personality, Matt has dipped his toes into many different creative pools over the years. He is the writer, creator & musician behind HEIRS OF ISILDUR, and the creator and co-writer of TALES FROM NOCTURNIA.

Matt is also a veteran soccer P.A. announcer and has credits from high school, semi pro and the professional ranks. He has hosted numerous panels at conventions, including the 2020 and 2021 installments of Collective Con 2020 (Jacksonville, FL).

He is a writer and podcast personality for CFBDynasty.Com - the leading site for college fantasy football information, insight, and cheat sheets.

He also has written for, conducted interviews for, and guest hosted radio shows for MidwestMetalShow.Com.

If you've ever been to a convention and noticed the person with the brightest smile and aura in the room, you've probably seen Steph. Don't let her positivity and bubbly personality fool you, however. 

One thing she is very serious about is her content creation.

Her very first story, the one page 'Boot Hill', was a finalist in the Ghost City Comics Competition 2017. She has had multiple short stories included in anthologies, such as 'Bogey' (IF Anthology - Alterna Comics), 'Light Reflected' (CORPUS), and 'Hexed' (It Came Out on A Wednesday #1 - Alterna Comics). She was also a story consultant for Luke Martinez' graphic novel 'The Ascendant'.

She's participated on panels at some of the largest cons in the country, such as San Diego Comiccon, Wondercon, Megacon Orlando, and Spooky Empire to name a few.


After coming onboard the Heirs of Isildur train as a story consultant and editor officially with issue #5, her fingerprints and influence can easily be spotted in the 268 page Heirs trade paperback, where they relettered and reformatted every page prior to its release.

She is the co-writer / co-creator for the medieval fantasy offshoot series, TALES FROM NOCTURNIA, and co-author on many other short stories created through Insymmetry Creations.


She is also a freelance writer / contributor for the horror / pop culture site

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