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Insymmetry Creations LLC's MATT KNOWLES is at home when on the microphone. After fronting metal bands since he was a teen, he transitioned into doing soccer in-stadium P.A. announcing for the past 14 years (since 2009 - High School, Semi Pro, and Professional). He is currently the In-Stadium voice of the USL League Two soccer team The Villages SC (The Villages FL).

He is also becoming a go-to panel host / moderator / emcee for comic conventions and events, mostly in Central Florida, including:


SPOOKALA (Ocala FL) '22

At these events he's interviewed pop culture guests from across

the entertainment spectrum, such as: The Mandolorian, Star Wars
(prose writers, voice actors, sound producers, actors, & more),
What We Do In The Shadows, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul,

Locke & Key, My Hero Academia, Power Rangers, Halloween, 
Friday The 13th, American Horror Story, Weird Science,

Scary Movie, Supernatural, Pet Sematary, and more.

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He has also HOSTED / CO-HOSTED panels at numerous other

events, including, most notably, the GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling panel at Los Angeles Comic Convention (Dec 2021),

as well as:

Atlanta Steampunk Expo (Atlanta, GA) 2022
Palmcon (Palm Beach FL) 2021

Daytona Beach Comic Convention (Daytona FL) 2021

Tampa Bay Comiccon (Tampa FL) 2019

Ocala Comiccon (Ocala FL) 2019

Aethertopia (Tampa FL) 2018

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He has been on panels at the above as well as:
MegaCon (Orlando FL) 2019

Daytona Beach Comic Convention (Daytona FL) 2019

Spooky Empire / Creators Track (Tampa FL) 2019

He also conducted interviews for, and guest hosted radio shows for MidwestMetalShow.Com, The Jay Wendell Show & Sounds of the Apocalypse (Rock Rage Radio), and even once guest hosted the HONEST BRUTALITY internet game show.

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* ATTENTION TO DETAIL: As soon as the schedule is released #TEAMINSYM (Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon) will do extensive research to make sure they are up to speed on the panelists career. We also try and make sure to get some sort of face time with every guest prior to the panel

ENERGY: Matt always has FUN on the mic and makes sure that every panel or stage appearance is like a mini-event.

* PASSION: There is no panel any more or less important than another. Every guest / panelist is treated with RESPECT and we want every attendee, whether 1 or 1000, to feel like they are an important part of the proceedings. If its a COSTUME CONTEST, we want every contestant to feel like they are appreciated, regardless of the development of their cosplay. 

If you're interested in acquiring Matt's services (and #TeamINSYM as a whole) for your event, please email us HERE and we can discuss the options!