HEIRS OF ISILDUR - THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM is also a 12 track, 53 minute METAL album. It Includes the following tracks:

1: The Discovery Paradox (Intro)
2: Murky Waters
3: Shiver [See official lyric video HERE]

4: Crossroads [See official lyric video HERE]

5: Endless Winter

6: Remnants

7: Transcendence

8: Lovelorn Betrayal [See official  ANIMATED lyric video HERE]

9: A Startling Divergence

10: Foundation of Fallacies

11: Syndrome (Degrade Devour Destroy)

12: ...From The Depths


To acquire in physical form (CD with 12 page booklet), OR as a digital MP3 album order from our shop NOW AVAILABLE!

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