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Get all of the released titles from HEIRS OF ISILDUR and TALES FROM NOCTURNIA so far:

HEIRS OF ISILDUR: The Perilous Prospects BOOK 1 (48 pages) (Cover E Steampocalypse)
HEIRS OF ISILDUR: Nightmare Scenario (28 pages Special Edition)

TALES FROM NOCTURNIA: The Complete Legendary Saga (152 pages)
HEIRS OF ISILDUR: The Crossroads Conundrum (Enhanced Trade Paperback) (268 pages)

That 496 pages of INSYM goodness!

TALES FROM NOCTURNIA: ‘The Complete Legendary Saga’ is 152 pages of medieval madness that contains:   

Issue 1: 'A Kingdom In Shambles' (fully relettered!)
Issue 2: 'Something Sinister This Way Comes'
Issue 3: 'Welcome to the Dragon's Lair'
'Be Careful What you Wish For' (4 Page Prequel)     
'A Tale of Lovelorn Betrayal' (Original Version in Heirs of Isildur #6 & Trade) 
'Expand & Understand'  (12 Pages of Character backstories)
'Behind the Scenes Notes & Trivia'
+ Commentaries, Exclusives, and more! 

HEIRS OF ISILDUR: The Crossroads Conundrum (Enhanced Trade Paperback)
Get the ENTIRE 'The Crossroads Conundrum' Story-Arc in this single, MASSIVE 268 page enhanced trade. All 11 issues.
Includes behind the scenes facts and trivia, song lyrics, a trade EXCLUSIVE 2 page MINI-STORY by Matt Knowles & Steph Cannon, previously unpublished concept art, PLUS a full revamp of the lettering and a reimagining/reformatting of early issues!


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