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Our BRAND NEW shirt - the HEIRS OF ISILDUR 13' O CLOCK THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED FOIL SHIRTS. This is for the FIRE version - meaning the foil will have a more warm toned reflection (yellow orange etc...).

DISCLAIMERS (and there are many):
* Foil shirts are custom orders and we cannot guarantee EXACT foil (shiny, matte, etc...)
* Despite the foil being a certain type (Fire or Ice) - the type of LIGHT in the room / reflections off it can produce many different colors
* These are DELICATE shirts - MUST be washed on GENTLE, INSIDE OUT, and then HUNG to dry.

HURRY This is a LIMITED run with VERY limited availability!

NOTE: Shirts larger than XL are possible, but are $5 more. We have the ability to obtain up to 5XL. Women's cut shirts are also possible. Make sure to specify.


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