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Orange Cone Productions is BACK with the preview to their next HOLIDAY SPIRITS anthology, with this SUMMER SPECIAL: Christmas In July #2.

This issue features three short stories:
IT'S A LONELY LIFE BEING KRAMPUS (by us!) with the Lord of the Nether Regions like you've never seen him before!
TRUTH JUSTICE JINGLE ALL THE WAY (featuring Agent Peppermint Fudgesparkle)
A STORY OF A SAINT (featuring Santa)

With sinister cover art by Etienne Derepentigny
Published: Jerome Gagnon for Orange Cone Productions

Our Credits:
Written by Matt Knowles & Steph Cannon
Art: Jose E. Cardenas

Issue: 24 pages // Our story: 8 pages

HOLIDAY SPIRITS: Christmas In July #2

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