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Alice In Wonderland is a timeless fantasy story known the world over. Lovecraft, and more notably Cthulhu, have been in our nightmares for more than 100 years. Comic creators have been telling stories in these worlds since the creation of comic books. 

Over 70 incredible comic creators got together to bring the blending of two different universes in the mystical world of Wonderland and the horrifying world that is the work of Lovecraft's Cthulhu. When the Great Cthulhu invades Wonderland, we will truly learn what happens when true MADNESS comes to Wonderland. This war will change the landscape of Wonderland forever!! Turning friends against one another in an epic war, this anthology tells one big story from beginning to end through the eyes of the different residents of Wonderland.

Our story is TARTS! (written by #TeamInsym, with art by JAMES SIMS, Letters by Jerome Gagnon) 
There are THREE different covers available, all in VERY limited quantities from us. Don't blink or you might miss your opportunity to get your hands on this incredible volume!


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