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With our Kickstarter campaign for HEIRS OF ISILDUR vs TALES FROM NOCTURNIA (album) and the associated HEIRS OF ISILDUR 'Nightmare Scenario' (comic) wrapping up in just FIVE DAYS, we want to share with you what makes it special to US (i.e The TOP 5 AREAS OF THE CAMPAIGN WE ARE MOST EXCITED ABOUT), as well as what we don't want you to miss out on! Check out the campaign HERE: Let's get right down to it! (in no particular order): * SPLATTER. FREAKING. VINYL!

That's right, our new album 'HEIRS OF ISILDUR vs TALES FROM NOCTURNIA' will be available for the FIRST time in this retro-futuristic medium!

Over the past few years, vinyl has had a huge resurgence in popularity. The collector's market for it is thriving, and variant editions offering wild colors and patterns are all the rage. This is especially true in the metal music world, where bands will offer up multiple versions of "splatter" designs for their fans to snatch up.

For us, it was no brainer to include this option in our campaign. Steph is a collector of movie soundtrack vinyl, and was particularly excited about the possibility when we first discussed it. We knew we needed a few wild and crazy designs to match the intensity of our stories and music, and soon settled on two options: The orange/green splatter The blue/red/black 'A/B' variant Fans' excitement over the vinyl has surpassed even our own expectations. And make no mistake, we are SUPER PUMPED about every single song that will be on this album as well! ** CAMPAIGN EXCLUSIVE OPTIONS! We at #TeamInSym pride ourselves in offering up unique and out of this world collectible items with our campaigns, and we're excited to say that this one is no different.

Guitar picks were an obvious choice to go along with our musical side, but we wanted to kick it up a notch, so... why not make them glow in the dark? And while we were at it, we found a way for our friends at GB Leatherworks, Harrison Hansen and Martin Irish, to apply a glow in the dark coating to elements on the custom leather turntable mats, EXCLUSIVE to this campaign! Head on over to our page to watch a short video of the GITD mats in action.

That's not all that will be hard to find once the kickstarter wraps at 9pm EDT on 5.16.21:

Comic Cover B (Parchment): We will only print 20 more of these than the campaign calls for. So when those are gone, they're gone!

Holofoil Trading Cards - We have FOUR in this campaign. We will print a very small overage (to meet 'lot' requirements), but backing this campaign is the only way to ASSURE that you'll get your hands on these. ONE OF A KIND ART - Main cover artist Renan Shody has offered up the oversized ONE OF A KIND art from the 'Showdown' cover. One. In. Existence.

Draw Me In: This campaign gives you the ability to get drawn into THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS. We will be working on this story arc imminently, and expect major progress before THAT campaign launches. The only to to ENSURE that you can see yourself in the apocalyptic steampunk glory of TPP #1 is by selecting that option in this campaign!

*** BEING ABLE TO COLLAB WITH SOME OUTSTANDING ARTISTS and MUSICIANS! Every project has hands involved in it that are not those of Matt & Stephs. This time, with music and art being created, the number of those who are contributors is at an all time high for us, and that's just how we like it!

From the artistic side getting to work alongside colorist BRYAN MAGNAYE again is a treat, just like it is working with his good friend and penciler JC FABUL. Covers by RENAN SHODY, WALTER OSTLIE and JAMES SIMS were the icing on the artistic cake. On the musical side, we got to work with so many savant level players. ZAC LEASER, BRYAN ECKERMANN, KYLE WESTIN and ANDREW POLO all brought some very special vibes to the album and we can't thank them enough for their contributions. That being said, there is one MORE musician we need to speak on, and he gets his OWN bullet point... **** BEING ABLE TO APPROPRIATELY CREATE A TRIBUTE FOR OUR FALLEN FRIEND 'COREY STEGER' This isn't something that we EVER intended on being a part of this campaign when we were crafting it, but fate and terrible tragedy laid this at our doorstep mere weeks before the launch. Corey is most known for being a founding member of the metalcore band UNDEROATH. His life since that time has been primarily out of the public eye, but there were accomplishments for sure!

His most notable musical contributions since those days were his performance on our first album, and then the tracks he recorded for this campaign, just 11 days before his demise.

For us to be able to showcase who he was to US and be able to create a TRIBUTE cover that is a retrospective of his 20+ years in music (by including many of the actual guitars he'd used), this campaign took on a whole different level of importance.

***** FINALLY GETTING TO TELL MORE OF THE HEIRS OF ISILDUR STORY AFTER THE MASSIVE 'The Crossroads Conundrum' CLIFFHANGERS Last but definitely not least on this list is the STORY. IT HAS to be the STORY!

It's been a hot minute since we left our supporters on some massive cliffhangers at the end of THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM. While they'll be addressed in our upcoming arc THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS, we knew we couldn't delay resolving the biggest question of them all - what is the fate of main character MYKAL ISILDUR? Is he ALIVE, PERISHED, or SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN?

By using NIGHTMARE SCENARIO as a bridge between the two arcs, we can definitively let you know who will be involved and who WON'T in the next arc, and do it in a way that is our WILDEST adventure yet! ***** That's what we're most excited about, and we hope it excites you too! If you are a current backer, AWESOME. If you aren't, let the energy and excitement of this article course through those veins of yours until you have NO CHOICE but to smash that 'BACK THIS CAMPAIGN' button. You only have until SUNDAY 5.16.21 at 9pm to decide! CHECK IT OUT HERE: Matt & Steph

Got a comment? Leave it below! Missed out on one of our titles and need to get your hands on it NOW? Head over to our store:

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