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LIMITED EDITION VARIANT COVER REVEAL: The #INFERIANS! We've talked about this BEAST of a cover for many moons, and we now can finally #reveal it:

Here is the #Inferians cover by #MarvelComics #Forceworks #Creepshow #ShudderNetwork's Thomas Tenney (colors by Javi Laparra / flats by Matt Knowles).

This cover features the members of INFERI (Malcolm Pugh Stevie Boiser Andrew Kim Spencer Moore Mike Low) in their DEBUT in comic form.

*** BUT WHAT IS THEIR ROLE in this issue? Let's turn to their TRADING CARD (That will be in INSYM Series #3) and see what it has to say! ***

"After Nocturnia’s call for reinforcements went unanswered, their prospects of a formidable defense grew dim... but all hope was not lost. A rogue brethren, the #Inferians, offered up their services... but what would persuade them to take up arms with the #Nocturnians against the #Sinisterians?

Will their willingness to fight alongside the Nocturnians keep the kingdom from disappearing into a dead horizon, or will their efforts be nothing more than a prelude to a perilous fate, and a futile march into the flames of tyranny?"


This is one of SIX covers for this issue that is wrapping up production as we speak. Release will be in March of 2020.


If you missed the #Kickstarter - do not fret! Our redesigned web store has preorders available for all of the issues, as well as the trading cards! Once the kickstarter backers are taken care of, we will ship all the preorders upon availability.

Huge thanks to the Inferi bois for taking part in this issue. We can't wait to share the 2nd part of our 3 part mini-series with you all! Until next time! Matt & Steph

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