LYRICAL LOOK-IN #2: "The Perilous Prospects Of The Portals"

Next up in our 'Lyrical Look-In' series is the song 'THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS OF THE PORTALS'. Not only does this song expand on one of the biggest reveals in The Crossroads Conundrum story arc, it's also one of the most wild songs musically on the album. SciFi keyboards, black metal inspired vocals and guitar riffs, it's a worthy compliment to the clean and refined feel of the song that precedes it - 'The Perilous Prospects of Shadow's Haven' .

Before we dig too deep, here are facts and stats: SONG: THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS OF THE PORTALS

ALBUM: Heirs of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia

Position on the album: Track 2 of 10

Musicians Involved: Matt Knowles, alongside: ZAC LEASER (Guitar Solo) This is the second of a three part arc that starts the album, explaining the three main elements that make up 'The Perilous Prospects' of our overarching story:

* Pt.1: The mountain village of 'Shadow's Haven' (see THAT article HERE)

* Pt.2: The scientists and their 'Portals'

and lastly

* Pt.3: Mykal Isildur, otherwise known as 'The Timekeeper'

Where do these events take place in the overall lore / universe of HEIRS OF ISILDUR:

* THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM is turned on its collective ear when this is revealed in Issue #9 (Chapter 16 in the Trade Paperback Graphic Novel edition), but this is a main overarching theme that has its fingerprints throughout the universe in TCC, 'Nightmare Scenario' and the upcoming 'The Perilous Prospects'. IMPORTANT NOTE! Be sure to hang around to the very end for a super cool behind the scenes FAST FACT that you won't see coming about this song! To start things off right, here is 'The Perilous Prospects of The Portals' from our BANDCAMP page.

Now we'll share the LYRICS IN FULL: A group of scientists inventors

dreamers and schemers

came together to explore

the known world's outer reaches

Creating machines whose design and intent

was to open up pathways connecting

the past

the future and

the present

And to see if life exists on other planets

If we unlocked a multiverse,

our consciousness would be expanded

The perilous prospects of the portals (x3)

(A) secret society was formed,

Guild of the golden gear

We had to operate clandestine,

always veiled and hidden

Because the local town’s populace,

of us they’d never approve

(Despite) grandiose efforts,

no progress was made

The guild was discouraged,

(the) project nearly terminated

Then one day for reasons unknown

A Portal appeared!

seductively tempting

with unopenable windows

Taunting the guild

with power and riches

Mesmerizing and corrupting

all but a small chosen few

The purpose became single minded


With every failed desperate attempt,

The guild was more and more corrupted

Darkened evil power was unleashed

and on the local township it descended

Its citizenry (was) convinced

they knew the cause

so into an angry mob they assembled

And stormed our estate's borders

And demanded our practices ended

But the guild went insane

And belittled the angry villagers

Which incited a massacre of epic proportions

And in the coldest of blood,

all our members were slaughtered

Only a small handful of the guild

escaped and survived

The estate laboratory machines and portals

we’d leave them all behind

lock key and earthen shroud

Entombed and destined to once again

become one with soil and ground

Many decades have passed

since the events at the estate

that fateful summer

The laboratory portals and forces

seemed destined for an eternal slumber

But somehow someway

they've all now been reawakened

by a lonely and curious timekeeper

Is history doomed to repeat itself,

will he succumb to

The mystical corrupting force

of the portals

Or will he realize the riches and knowledge

that rested just beyond our fingertips

The perilous prospects of the portals (x3)

A group of scientists inventors

dreamers and schemers

The portals power to explore

was our greatest deceiver

Altering the timelines

corrupting the masses

Unleashing darkened forces

that we'd never understand THE EXPLANATION (aka the 'Look-In'):

The Perilous Prospects of Shadow's Haven and The Perilous Prospects of the Portals are 'sister songs', covering the same inciting incidents in HEIRS OF ISILDUR lore, but from two different perspectives. Where 'SHADOW'S HAVEN' covers the event from the town's perspective, 'PORTALS' sees this happening through the eyes of the occupants of the estate upon the town's farthest hill. While the group officially operated under the name of 'The Guild Of The Golden Gear', the townspeople simply referred to them as 'The Laboratorians'.

Originally we were going to go into detail explaining the events as they took place - but that would simply be a regurgitation of the song lyrics, which do a fairly solid job of explain how the historic events unfolded.

Instead we will bullet point the events, and then focus on items that are only hinted at in the lyrics:

* Scientists, inventors, and financiers came together to form the 'Guild of the Golden Gear'

* Their goal was to open portals to worlds / timelines other than their own and explore them using elaborate machinery developed and constructed in secret in the 'Estate on Shadow's Haven's farthest hill'.

* They had to keep their operation clandestine because of the puritanical and oppressive nature of the town

* After many years (and the construction of a larger laboratory deep underneath the estate), the group was able to get 'windows' into other universes to open, though no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to access what was on the other side

* Unbeknownst to the Guild, a darkened energy was released every time they were able to get a 'window' to open

* This not only caused them to go insane, it also caused unintended effects on Shadow's Haven (supernatural phenomena, a darkened haze hanging over the town, etc...)

* The scientist's decreasing mental stability caused them to carelessly brag about their operation to the town's citizenry, outing themselves and their operation

* This caused the townspeople to rise up and form an angry mob, storming the estate and slaughtering everyone in sight.