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Five years ago today the first Heirs of Isildur item of any kind was released: The "Shiver" lyric video. Today we're gonna hit on the last five year as it pertains to HEIRS (from Matt's perspective). Hang around until the very end for a ONE DAY incentive code you can use in our store as well! (And we're not foolin' it's good today 3.31 and tomorrow 4.1 ONLY!)

Crazy to think there's been two full albums, a conversion from ebook to full on comic series, 15 different Heirs releases, an entire spinoff ( Tales From Nocturnia ) a content creation LLC ( InSymmetry Creations, LLC ) with a partner ( Steph Cannon ) a comic con presence, panel hosting / moderating gigs, an all ages title ( Misfitz Clubhouse ) on a publisher ( Scout Comics / Scoot ) and so much more that built on this. There's a long way to go down this path. Just getting started over here.

I never thought I would in this position. Then again, if I look back over my job and hobby history, it's a litany of "I never thought I'd be doing this". In no particular order: Twenty Two year soccer official after growing up a football fan? Nope. Working in a horse insurance office? No sir. Managing criminal database onboarding at a Fortune 500 company? Yeah right. Working DAILY on my content creation craft, and having it NOT be primarily music? Not a chance.

Read where I (Matt) was at five years ago in the post below. The point here is: It's never too late to start down a new path. Our days are much fewer than we think. (as a sidenote: BOTH of the individuals I started this journey with [Blake (Illustrated Novel) and Corey (Music)] are no longer with us).

You can be a person of actions and overcoming obstacles, or a person of excuses and inaction. Its up to you to decide.

What's stopping YOU from doing something you REALLY want to be doing TODAY... before its too late?

To celebrate our HEIRS OF ISILDUR Five Year Release Anniversary, Steph and I have decided to add a ONE DAY Incentive code to our store: FIVEYEAR. Type this in at the checkout and the $5 any purchase of $20 or more. This is good ONLY through the end of 4.1.22 - and that's NO JOKE! CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR STORE (New Location) Matt Knowles

Steph Cannon

#TeamINSYM P.S. Here's the run of original covers for The Crossroads Conundrum. Which is your favorite?

Got a comment? Leave it below! Missed out on one of our titles and need to get your hands on it NOW? Head over to our store:

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