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With just SIX DAYS left until the launch of THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS (bookmark the pre-launch page here:, we'd like to share with you the BRAND NEW ART TEAM that has joined us: Alessandro Ventura and Bruno Hang.

For whatever reason, BRAZIL seems to be fertile ground for us when it comes to the artistically inclined. Many of our original music videos (plus logos) were done by HULYAN MINOSSO at PONTILHADO STUDIOS, and the HEIRS OF ISILDUR vs TALES FROM NOCTURNIA cover art was done by RENAN SHODY. So when we needed to upgrade our art team for THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS, it's no surprise that Brazil was once again where we were able to find our exactly what (and who) we were looking for.

Artist ALESSANDRO VENTURA was the first to join the team. We'd seen his work for a while and always said 'if the opportunity arises, we need to get this guy'... and get this guy we fortunately did. Alessandro's attention to detail has been second to none and we are thankful he is the man behind the pencil on this project, bringing this universe to life like never before.

Next to join was colorist BRUNO HANG - and his addition to the team was not by chance. Bruno is a long-time friend of Alessandro, but one that he had never worked with. When he found out we were looking for a colorist for the project, he was steadfast in the recommendation of his friend and 'neighbor', and we're glad he did (if there's one thing we at INSYMMETRY CREATIONS can appreciate, it's chemistry through collaboration). The resume that BRUNO brings to the table is impressive, with credits for Marvel, DC, IDW, Dynamite, and more.

Their art style has also allowed us to make one other change to the presentation for THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS: Because Heirs is being presented for the first time in complete comic book form, we have gone to more traditional lettering this time around.

Below are examples of FOUR PAGES from the upcoming story so you can see how it's all coming together:

We hope you dig the pages, and we hope you'll join us on Feb 8th for the launch of Book 1 of THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS. BOOKMARK HERE:

Got a comment? Leave it below! Missed out on one of our titles and need to get your hands on it NOW? Head over to our store:

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