HEIRS OF ISILDUR - The Perilous Prospects Book ONE - An EXHAUSTIVE Foreword

Updated: May 10

To truly understand where HEIRS OF ISILDUR: The Perilous Prospects BOOK ONE begins, you’ll need to know a small fraction of what came before it. For those of you that really want to dig DEEP into the lore of the story, we've got you covered. NOTE: This article contains extensive spoilers for The Crossroads Conundrum story arc.

Nestled within the valley between two grand mountain ranges, sits a puritanical village, known by the name of Shadow's Haven. An untrained eye would see a community in full order. There are a dwindling few, however, that know of dark secrets in the town's history that their regimented lifestyle conceals.

Many decades ago a group of scientists, inventors, dreamers, and schemers came together

to explore the known world's outer reaches. They created machines designed with the intent of opening up pathways to connect the past, the future, and the present. They wanted to see if life existed on other planets, to see if they could unlock a multiverse, or even expand our own consciousness.

This did not sit well with the town's citizens, the Havenites. They felt as though the Laboratorians (their slang name for the secretive 'Guild of the Golden Gear') were meddling with forces they did not understand. They were correct in their assumptions.

Although the guild’s motives were initially to explore the boundaries of science

and knowledge, their lack of success caused their efforts to become more desperate

and careless. A darkened energy was released, corrupting the guild, and causing

havoc, turmoil, and unspeakable acts in the nearby village.

The Havenites were enraged when it became clear that the chaos in Shadow’s Haven was a consequence of the unapologetic actions of the laboratorians. Overcome with fury, and fueled by the darkened shroud of mystical energy over the town, a confrontation

of cataclysmic proportions erupted, leaving every resident of the estate massacred.

After ‘cleansing’ their village of the threat, the shroud of darkness also dissipated,

like a fog burning away with the rising sun. the Havenites minds also cleared,

crystalizing to them the gravity of the atrocities they‘d committed.

They worked furiously to cover their tracks, removing all traces of the hideous events

that transpired upon shadow’s haven’s farthest hill. history was quickly and methodically erased, altered, or exaggerated. Generations passed, and elders passed on. Soon all

that was left was fable, a rigid town custom, and an empty, abandoned estate... An estate that was one day sold to a curious man, whose identity was shrouded in mystery, just as he intended. You see, when the Great Laboratorian Massacre took place, the Havenites slaughtered all the members of the Guild of the Golden Gear... or so they thought.

A small handful escaped through a series of hidden tunnels and catacombs, down to their

hidden laboratory and out a secret exit door, including a young teen named Hemlock.

Philip Arthur Hemlock. He’d grow up on the outskirts of town, vowing to never set

foot back on the grounds that claimed the lives of those he held dear. he watched as the

village grew and tried to forget all those that were taken on that fateful day...

but he would never forget. Hemlock realized he could not allow the secrets of the guild to die with him. He had

to seek out a successor to their long since forgotten endeavors. He found just that

man: Professor Mykal Isildur. He was the artisan and curator at the Father Time Emporium,

deep in the heart of Shadow’s Haven. Not only was he a respected fixture in the village,

he was their citizen of the year, and someone that would never be suspected of any

meddling with that which should not be disturbed. most importantly, he was well known

for his confidence, bravado and ability to fix anything and even make it better than new. Hemlock’s elaborate and contrived plan to align Mykal with the long since abandoned

estate worked with precision. Before he knew it, the professor was now residing in his

greatest reclamation project ever. soon thereafter, he did exactly as hemlock hoped:

he discovered the hidden underground laboratory that had been lost to time and decay. What wasn’t anticipated was Mykal being far more skilled and creative than any of his

ancestors, able produce results greater than the guild could’ve ever imagined.

even with years of planning, events moved much faster than hemlock expected. while

Mykal’s success in the hidden laboratory was surprising, he knew nothing of the consequences of his actions... until it was too late. The darkened energy once again corrupted the town, with some even manifesting the supernatural. events spiraled out of control, with Mykal’s innocent curiosity unknowingly at the fulcrum. We’ll now wind the clock backwards just slightly, starting our perilous tale on the

evening before the most nightmarish of scenarios befell Shadow’s haven.

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