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An ELONGATED WAY of saying...

Running a crowdfunding campaign is HARD. The prep. The 24/7 'Marriage to the process'. The planning. The uncertainty. The 'algorithm roadblocks'. The unexpected detours along the way. The email filters to get communication out to people that SIGNED UP voluntarily for your list. Having to fend off the incorrect public perception and misunderstanding that all you're doing is 'begging for money'. That gross feeling in the pit of your stomach with every negative 'pledge adjustment'.

But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Alongside everything listed above are the victories of crowdfunding that extend beyond the 'surface' dollar numbers and backer count stats. Every dollar represents money someone out there has INVESTED into the work we do. Every tick up of the backer count represents someone who now has a vested interest in seeing success come from our content creation process.

For us at InSymmetry Creations, LLC, one of the most amazing aspects of the process is how LITTLE you actually know is gonna happen prior to launch. Backer behavior, trends etc... all change from campaign to campaign and even during a single campaign from day to day. Who will be involved, what NEW stuff might get created, there is a certain majestic fluidity that always takes place.

The thing we love the most: Watching ideas blossom. Watching people 'creatively' buy into the universe we have crafted. A HUGE shoutout and THANK YOU to Chris Rau, Alessandro Ventura, Bruno Hang, Harrison Wesley Hansen, Martin Irish, and Michael Palma (as well as Michael Watson and Jon Westhoff) who all had direct impacts on the campaign that we ran by actually CONTRIBUTING to the product itself. Whether it be the ART itself inside the issue, covers, character designs, merch options, cross promos, etc... The motivation we gave them to come jump on our train and create helped inspire us to take it to the next level as well.

We also want to give shoutouts to:

* ALL the livestream shows: The hosts who let us take part and the guests who allowed us to sit beside them. Without YOU all we would not have been able to get the word out as effectively, or had as much FUN in doing it. There are FAR too many of you to tag, but you know who you are.

* All those that shared posts and spread the word: Our motto (taken from the music world): "People want to hear ABOUT a band, not FROM a band". What this means: We could stand on the mountaintops talking about what we do, but hearing about us from the town squire, that has no vested interested, means more to most people. So we thank you all for being our squires.

* And lastly, to those that actually BACKED this (or any other) campaign (or supported us at live events or in any other way): Without you all we TRULY would not be able to produce this project, and we feel a responsibility first and foremost to you all to create a product and experience that you can say "That was money well spent" on it.

Now it's time for us to go make good on these promises. You'll see and hear a LOT from us while we do it, however, because we have a lot of irons in the fire and a lot of other projects in the works.

Thank you all. Now let's go take on the #steampocalypse together!

Matt Knowles

Steph Cannon

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