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End of '19 /Start '20 Lists - Part 1 of 5: Top 5 MOMENTS of 2019!

It's the end of the year. It's the end of the decade. We here at INSYM would like to look back at the previous year as well as look forward to what is ahead with a series of 'lists'. For the next few days we will be showcasing some of our top thoughts.

After some lighthearted 'debate' we have whittled our lists down. We've checked them twice. So now you're gonna find out who or what has made our "Top 5 Overall Moments" (in no particular order):

TOP 5 MOMENTS "Becoming Official": To start the year we decided we needed to take the plunge and we officially tied the knot... as a single business entity. No longer would we operate as individual creators. We would come together as business partners under the single banner of Insymmetry Creations LLC. We both know the struggle of feeling like creators on island. We also know that having a partner that can be the yin to your yang helps keep the ship afloat during the difficult times. Our hope is that being under this single banner will allow us to explore the content creation waters without fear of drowning and having no to one to throw in a life preserver if the waters become too turbulent.

Twenty Nineteen was a very successful start for our fledgling operation. We still have a long way to go and a LOT to learn if we want to get anywhere near where we want this ship to take us. That being said - if you told us when the year started that we'd be where we are now, we'd have called you crazy. This gives us a LOT of hope for what the NEXT year could bring if it even remotely close to the insanity of the one that is about to come to a close.

* Completing 'The Crossroads Conundrum' story arc for HEIRS OF ISILDUR: After four years of development and two years of releases, the fullness of our steampunk time travel story was finally delivered into the hands of our awaiting fans. Eleven issues, a 12 track metal CD, multiple music videos, a 268 page trade paperback / graphic novel - all this while undergoing changes in the creative team. Not even with access to Mykal Isildur's portals could have foreseen the crazy path that this story arc took in unfold.

* Becoming a part of the Kickstarter community: Running any kind of crowdfunding campaign can be a risky and scary proposition. We spent months prior to our first Kickstarter doing research, seeking the advice of peers, and crunching numbers, but nothing could prepare us for the extreme roller coaster ride we were about to experience.

We launched our first Kickstarter for our medieval spinoff Tales From Nocturnia issue #1 in April of this year, where we successfully funded with just over $5000 and 147 backers. We went on to run two other successful campaigns in 2019 (The Heirs of Isildur trade paperback and Tales From Nocturnia issue #2).

Through it all we managed to meet new creators, learned how to promote during a campaign, and experienced the overwhelming support of our family and friends. No matter how many tough days there were, nothing quite compared to the elation we felt when we first received that "funded" notification. One of the best feelings was seeing so many "repeat customers" who believed in us enough to back us again. 

(NOTE: We'll have more to say about our kickstarter / promotion experience in another upcoming list)

* Being recognized walking the floor at a major 'out of area / out of state' show: While at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this past March, we heard a voice call out through the crush of people: "Alterna Comics!" An attendee rush over to us. He immediately threw down his bag and pulled out a copy of Alterna's IF Horror Anthology for Steph to sign, stating that he knew we would be at the show and had been hoping to meet us. We had several appearances on Alterna Comics Live over the course of the year, which helped him to instantly recognize us. Being dressed in our signature head to toe Steampunk certainly help as well. It was a surreal moment to be spotted by someone and have them react in such a manner.

* WWE's Mick Foley signing items at his signing event wearing 'Steampunk Socko': INSYM was asked to take part in a signing event at our local LCS with the one and only Mankind aka Dude Love aka Cactus Jack himself: Mick Foley. We made him a little gift the for the event - a steampunk version of his signature companion 'Mr. Socko'. Matt gave it to him at the event and he was ecstatic with the original take on his trademark, even signing the first few autographs while wearing it.

There you have it. Join us tomorrow, the LAST day of the year, and we'll reveal "The Top 5 Things We Learned At (and from) Shows In 2019".

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