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GB Leatherworks is here with their EXPANDABLE 13 O'Clock Pouch. These pouches are great for conventions, renfaires, D&D games, etc... Wear one and be the talk of the event! The pouch is custom branded with our HEIRS OF ISILDUR 13 O'Clock logo.

Has two belt loops in the back, one to wear it tighter to your body, and one that hangs more loose.  We've personally seen people carry gaming dice, hand sanitizer, inhalers, cell phones, and more in these pouches. 

Comes in black tones, brown tones, combination Brown/Black, or Eccentric Craftsman (Whatever wild concoction GB Leatherworks has in mind at the time).

These are hand made to order so delivery expections will be set by GB Leatherworks. 

Leatherwork HEIRS 13 O'Clock DICE Pouch

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