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COVER C: 'GPK HOMAGE - Malfunctioning Mykal': Walter Ostlie (Artist)

HEIRS OF ISILDUR 'Nightmare Scenario'
is the perfect bridge episode that links The Crossroads Conundrum to the upcoming story arc The Perilous Prospects.

This issue will answer the biggest cliffhanger from THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM: Is main character Mykal Isildur alive, did he perish, or is he somewhere in between?

It will also set up who the players will (and won't) be in The Perilous Prospects.

This 28 page standalone special issue also contains all the lyrics and explanations for the songs on the HEIRS OF ISILDUR vs TALES FROM NOCTURNIA metal album.

The 'GPK / Garbage Pail Kids Homage (Malfunctioning Mykal) is the 3rd of 3 in the series by Walter Ostlie, all with a LIMITED RUN. 

HEIRS OF ISILDUR 'Nightmare Scenario' (Cvr C 'GPK Homage' - Ostlie)

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