Walter Ostlie GPK Homages ***Part 3?!?!?!***

THOSE OF YOU that saw our most recent TALES FROM NOCTURNIA Kickstarter campaign saw some of our favorite covers of all time - our Garbage Pail Kid (GPK) homages for BLASTED BENONOCH and VILE VERMYNOTH created by the one and only Walter Ostlie (Metalshark Bro (Scout Comics)). They were a cool pair of covers right? What we DIDN'T tell you then was that they weren't a PAIR, they were actually part of a TRIO of covers, alongside an HEIRS OF ISILDUR cover that will be available in THIS campaign (Launches 4.16.21 - Bookmark it here MALFUNCTIONING MYKAL!

This is going to be available in STANDARD and FOIL versions - just like in the previous campaign! Oh and speaking of the first two - if you missed them DON'T FRET! We will be making special 3 and 6 PACKS available so your COLLECTION WILL BE COMPLETE!

Want to know MORE about the upcoming kickstarter campaign? We've been releasing a series of articles to give you more detail: Part 1: Announcing the Comic & Album Kickstarter Campaign Part 2: Colored VINYL! (And WHY we're doing it) Part 3: NEW MUSIC Release! Part 4: GB Leatherworks is BACK With... Stay tuned for further announcements and reveals leading up to the campaign launch in JUST TWO DAYS! AHHHHHH! Matt & Steph

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