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GB Leatherworks is BACK with...

THAT'S RIGHT! It wouldn't be an INSYMMETRY CREATIONS LLC Kickstarter campaign (Launching 4.16.21 bookmark HERE: without the WILDMEN over at GB LEATHERWORKS! This time out we have partnered with them to create one of the coolest items we've ever seen -

Choose either the HEIRS OF ISILDUR 'Gears' emblem or TALES FROM NOCTURNIA's 'Double Dragon' symbol! And to sweeten the pot - KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE VERSIONS have GLOW IN THE DARK elements! That's right - if you want to get your hands on this badassery, you MUST order during the kickstarter because there ***won't*** be any glow in the dark action on these after the campaign is over!

We are super stoked to be partnering with these guys again... and if there is something they previously created for us (gauntlets, keychains, dragon lord masks, etc...) and you missed out on them the first time, hit us up and we'll figure out how to make it happen! ************************** IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! ************************** We want to thank everyone at HONEST BRUTALITY and THE MIDWEST METAL RADIO SHOW who helped us slay during 'World Premiere Weekend'! The response to our advance track 'THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS OF SHADOW'S HAVEN' has been AMAZING and we are thankful for everyone's feedback. DID YOU MISS THE PREMIERE? No worries! Here's the stream video link:

NOTE: If you scroll BACK up to the video for GB leatherworks, you might just hear a clip of ANOTHER song from the album! :-)

Want to know MORE about the upcoming kickstarter campaign? We've been releasing a series of articles to give you more detail: Part 1: Announcing the Comic & Album Kickstarter Campaign Part 2: Colored VINYL! (And WHY we're doing it) Stay tuned for further announcements and reveals leading up to the campaign launch in THREE DAYS! AHHHHHH! Matt & Steph

Got a comment? Leave it below! Missed out on one of our titles and need to get your hands on it NOW? Head over to our store:

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