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Back To The Future? Vinyl? Is This 1976 or 2021?

As our HEIRS OF ISILDUR vs TALES FROM NOCTURNIA Kickstarter draws closer (Launching Friday April 16th), we want to focus in on each of the key elements that will be a part of the campaign itself.

Today we'd like to speak about our decision to print the upcoming album on VINYL.

WHY VINYL? The format has seen a resurgence in recent years, to the point where vinyl now makes up 62% of revenue in physical music. In 2020 it surpassed CDs in units sold. In speaking with some smaller niche' record labels, it has been stated to us that their sales of records are nearly 30 to 1 over CDs. So if you want to print physical media, vinyl has to be considered.

You may say 'this is all fine and good, but I'm a collector of cool looking comics - why would this appeal to me?' Comic collectors like cool art. With the album you'll get an oversized, nearly 12'x12' version of the awesome Renan Shody 'Showdown' cover.

Not only that, but you'll get some wicked COLORED VINYL variant options. Who doesn't want to have an awesome collectible piece of artwork like this as their very own? The vinyl will come in two variants:

* DRAGONS LAIR Neon Orange with Green splatter

* PORTAL Blue Red Black A/B side variant

Comic collectors ALSO like 'limited edition'. Vinyl pressings are done in very limited numbers so if you want scarcity, we got it! And because of the nature of colored vinyl pressing, EVERY single record is one of a kind!

MAN I LEFT MY TURNTABLE IN THE 1980s BUT I STILL WANT YOUR ALBUM! No need to 'fret', we will have digital MP3 and CD options available as well. So there's no need to worry about figuring out how to plug in your record player to the aux port in your car.

I'M A METALHEAD - WHY DO I WANT A COMIC!?! One of the ways we integrated the comic into the album is by giving each song a page in the comic not only for the lyrics, but also to include a description of how the song relates back to either HEIRS OF ISILDUR or TALES FROM NOCTURNIA. It's also got a BRAND NEW Heirs of Isildur chapter called 'Nightmare Scenario' that should be right up the alley for metalheads, horror buffs, or those into time travel / scifi!

We'll end this article with one little DID YOU KNOW? You'd think that the metal musician in the bunch pushed to create the vinyl... but you'd be wrong in that assumption. It was actually STEPH, who collects vinyl, that was insistent upon it, and who subsequently sold Matt on the idea.

Hope you enjoyed this article and we'll have more coming as we lead up to the KICKSTARTER LAUNCH on APRIL 16th!

Bookmark the campaign HERE so you'll be notified as soon as it launches! Matt & Steph Stay tuned for further announcements and reveals leading up to the campaign launch!

Got a comment? Leave it below! Missed out on one of our titles and need to get your hands on it NOW? Head over to our store:

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