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As a musician, writer, and steampunk personality, Matt has dipped his toes into many different creative pools over the years. He is no stranger to being in the public eye, having fronted metal bands and also being an in stadium P.A. announcer for multiple pro/semi-pro soccer teams (including being the current voice of the USL League 2 side THE VILLAGES SC).

Matt's first foray into the non-lyrical writing and creating world was the e-book version of
HEIRS OF ISILDUR - THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM which begat the comic story arc of the same name. That arc saw 11 individual issues that were then reformatted / reenvisioned into a 268 page graphic novel.

HEIRS OF ISILDUR one-shot NIGHTMARE SCENARIO and the upcoming arc THE PERILOUS PROSPECTS are co-written by KNOWLES and his #TeamINSYM partner
STEPH CANNON. They are in traditional comic format.

The pair are also the co-creators and co-writers of medieval fantasy series TALES FROM NOCTURNIA, and the all-ages short story series

Matt is also the mad scientist behind INSYM's
musical side, birthing both HEIRS OF ISILDUR - THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM and the brand new HEIRS OF ISILDUR vs TALES FROM NOCTURNIA into existence. 

Matt is also building a resume as a panel moderator / host, being the FULL WEEKEND EMCEE / Moderator for multiple events, including:

SPOOKALA (Ocala FL) 2022
COLLECTIVE CONVENTION (Jacksonville FL) '20 '21 '22

At these events he's interviewed pop culture guests from across the entertainment spectrum, such as: The Mandolorian, Star Wars, What We Do In The Shadows, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, My Hero Academia, Power Rangers, Halloween, Friday The 13th, American Horror Story, Weird Science, Scary Movie, Supernatural, Pet Sematary, and more.

He was also privileged to host the GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling panel at Los Angeles Comic Convention (Dec 2021).

He has also hosted/co-hosted panels at Tampa Bay Comiccon, Ocala Comiccon, Aethertopia, Collective Con,  Daytona Beach Comic Convention, and PalmCon. He has been on panels at the above as well as MegaCon Orlando, Daytona Beach Comic Convention, and Spooky Empire.

He is also an occasional writer and podcast personality for CFBDynasty.Com - the leading site for college fantasy football information, insight, and cheat sheets.

He also has written for, conducted interviews for, and guest hosted radio shows for
 MidwestMetalShow.Com, The Jay Wendell Show & Sounds of the Apocalypse (Rock Rage Radio), and even once guest hosted the HONEST BRUTALITY game show.

Matt also serves as the editor / proofer for all movie reviews, articles, and columns written by
Steph Cannon.

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